1. Your design in an A3 size document must include:

  • Front view in colour sketch (compulsory)
  • One other view in colour sketch
  • A technical drawing with scaled measurement
  • Indicate the material swatch(es) and colour story

2. For the sake of fairness, NO participant / company/ institute name  should appear on your drawing. Or else your submission will be disqualified.


All submissions must STRICTLY follow the layout required by the organisers to be qualified. Unqualified entries will not be accessed by the judges.

Image Format:

JPEG Image – 300 dpi – RGB

Image Size:

A3 Landscape:
420mm (W) x 297mm (H)

File Size:

Maximum 2 MB

2021 THEME:
Recycling, Upcycling, Retro-Future. Redesign in a sustainable way

1/ Upcycling Vintage
Renew shapes & the leather of an iconic bag (classic, luxe, military, army, etc…)

2/ Rethink oldies but goodies
Customize old bags with new leathers

3/ Upgrade leather bags with recycling leather
A new use of the new performant materials

  • Participants are welcome to submit more than 1 design in each category separately
  • Same design is not allowed to submit to more than one category
  • Judges will choose 30 entries with the highest scores among the 3 categories. The entries will be posted on Facebook to vote for online favourite design. 3 finalists will be chosen for the final judging.


  1. Fill out the online submission form and upload your design. If you are submitting more than one design, you must repeat the submission process for each separate entry.
  2. Nominees will be informed in MAY of their designation and required to make a prototype to attend the Final Judging ceremony in July 2021.
  3. Best of Overall Winner will be chosen after the Final Judging. Results will be announced after the final judging ceremony.

* Please make sure your entry fulfils the requirements before submitting it to the e-platform.
Should you submit the same design more than once, your entry will be disqualified.


DAB 2021 timeline