Olivier Védrine
Architect-Designer & Production Designer, OO Agency Paris

Olivier Védrine started his career in Japan in 1990 where he organised his first personal exhibition at the Galerie Idée in Tokyo. Since the ’90s he was remarked because of his work with the French company Dacryl on chromatic transparencies, particularly using acrylic crystal in furniture and objects. For the last 10 years he has lectured at the Royal College of Art in London, Reims Fine Arts School in France (ESAD-Higher School of Art and Design), the private Camondo higher education school of decorative arts in Paris and at ESAM- Higher School of Modern Arts in Paris. In 2001 he joined Olivier Guillemin to create the [o,o] Design Agency.

Stefano Migliavacca
International Projects Manager, Edizioni AF

With more than 20 years in the fashion business with a specific focus in the leather accessories sector.

Stefano Migliavacca the International Projects Manager of Edizioni AF has a wide international experience on International Projects for Edizioni AF, B2B magazines and for Arsutoria School courses.

Matteo Bastiani
Head of Bags Department, Arsutoria School
Concept Creator, Camera60

Matteo has always been fascinated by how things are made. He was graduated in education and then decided to dedicate himself to the art of leather goods.

He had worked with prestigious independent luxury brands for 10 years with his own studio as a pattern maker and prototyper. For more than two years now, since he has joined Arsutoria, his focus has been shifted to training and cognitive processes related to his industry.

Matteo continues to seek new perspectives in the world of leather goods through his Instagram profile where he works with unusual shapes and materials.

Hirra Babar
CEO & Creative Director, WARP

Born and raised in Lahore, Hirra is an Economics and Business graduate who after doing her MBA decided to create a label of her which was at the intersection of design, technology and craftsmanship. She developed an interest in crafts and design at a very early age but never pursed it for professional studies, however it was always a form of catharsis for her in her leisure. She loves to travel, meeting new people and exploring different cultures. Her creative design process is inspired by abstractionism. Hirra is the CEO and Creative Director of Warp.

Yusuf Osman
Founder, YUSSICO

Yusuf Osman is a craftsman, designer, educator and a leading advocate for sustainable leather use. He is the founder of YUSSICO and his practice invites you to rediscover the world through the lens of craft and its power to revolutionise the relationship we have with ourself, with each other and the natural world.

After qualifying as a solicitor, Yusuf’s quest for a meaningful life led him to a workshop in Tetbury in England, where his passion for leather began. What started out as a quest for perfecting the craft has become a journey that transcends the crafted object to understand what it means to be human and in doing so uncovering the threads that connect us all.

Julie Thanning
Head Designer, MOODI