Design-A-Bag Competition 2024 Theme:


From casual Unisex to extravagant today’s life: “to appear today is to exist in the eyes of the others .”

In Fashion World, we have seen the rising trend for genderless designs, allowing consumers to dress outside of one’s gender. Popularly labeled as androgynous fashion, it is veering away from traditional gender labels. over the last few decades we’ve seen women taking inspiration from men’s fashion. Today, menswear is increasingly influenced by women’s fashion, particularly the bags that are used both by men, women etc.

With gender-neutral or gender-inclusive designs in mind, DAB 2024 challenges designers to create the ultimate genderless bag, with leather as its main material. It will be a bag whose form and function will appeal to any and every gender.

What is Design-A-Bag Competition?

Design-A-Bag (DAB) Online Competition is the only bag designing event of its kind for designers and design students all over the world.


The competition is part of an initiative by Fashion Access and APLF. The annual event brings together a global design community to the Fashion Access trade fair. Designers can showcase their creations to the world and exchange design concepts among talents from various cultures and backgrounds.


  • Design Students

  • Freelance Designers


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