Finalists Guidelines


The 3 finalists will be announced at the end of February 2024 and will attend the Final Judging Ceremony in APLF Hong Kong on 19 March 2024.

Design Prototype Kit

The finalists are required to create a Design Prototype Kit 2 weeks before the Final Judging Ceremony. The Kit includes:

  • A physical prototype of their bag design
  • A presentation to explain their inspiration and process in creating the bag
  • A 60s video introduction to showcase their bag design

Final Judging Criteria

Creativity: 30%

Originality: 30%

Trend: 30%

Marketability: 10%

Final Judging Ceremony

  • The 3 finalists will attend the Ceremony in person to explain their design concept in English
  • The Judging Panel will interact and have Q&A sessions to know more about each finalist’s design
  • The Best of Overall Winner will be chosen right after the ceremony and announced during the Fashion Access


Promotional Opportunities

  • The 3 finalists will be promoted on DAB social media platforms
  • The Overall Winner will be invited to a series of activities including interviews, connection with leather-related associations, and more.